Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oye Campesinos, the Cubavera Hat is here! aka, the Fedora

Photo of Simón Silva's "Campesino 1"
 I know, it's not just for the campesinos and a fedora is not what everyone would imagine on a campesino, but remember this is coming from a glamorized gypsy. I often have this image in my head of a handsome campesino washed up after a long day of work resting against a tree with his fedora hat turned down over his eyes as I rest my head upon his lap in my gypsy/peasant attire (oh, and don't forget the exotic gypsy inspired jewelry, and those who know me KNOW). Alrighty. I am awake now. The point is, whenever I see a posting from on Facebook, I fall right into that little fantasy.

Today, I caught a posting that just released 9 classic and stylish Cubavera (Fedora) hats that make me want to get a handsome Campesino of my own and dress him up in Cubavera fashions! I absolutely love a Fedora hat on a man and even better when worn with a Cuban Guayabera (also known as a Mexican Wedding Shirt). Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture of the hats together for the blog, but make sure you check them out for yourself here!

Aside from the hats, offers a variety of Guayabera shirts at extremely reasonable prices and there is some for the kiddos and ladies too! I have my eye on the Cotton Blend Guayabera Shirt for her and/or the Weekend Camp Shirt for her and you know I will add my own personal touch! It won't be long before I style some of the ladies wear and one of these Cubavera Fedora hats into a photo shoot; summer is the perfect season and it's almost here :) Author of  "Taste of Cuba"  blog crowned as his personal favorite for Guayabera shirts, I bet he'd say the same for their recently released Cubavera Fedora Hats!

Check out Cubavera's clothing line at their website here, and find them on facebook by searching "Cubavera". And don't fall in love with the model ladies ( I know my girls all too well) :p

Thanks for reading, hasta la vista babies!


Lisa xo