Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sexy in Cotton, The Natural Beauty (Health Benefits of Cotton Panties)

Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 Cotton Panties

I know many ladies like to stick to the sexiest, silkiest, satiny-est and laciest panties we can find (I know, I have a whoooole draw dedicated to those!) but we shouldn’t fail to remember the health benefits of wearing cotton panties. While those “sexy” materials are absolutely fine and safe to wear, they don’t allow our intimate area to breath as well as cotton panties do.  The predecessor is great for those days that you need an extra boost of sexy, but the latter is a must to maintain proper vaginal health and what you should be wearing especially when engaging in physical activity. I wear cotton panties regularly to my dance classes, workouts and to sleep.

Cotton material panties prevent excess moisture from forming, alleviate itching, stop odors and prevent yeast infections which are sometimes a consequence of the cotton panty’s glammed up amigas Lace, Silk and Satin. Luckily, lingerie designers are catching on and more and more lingerie favorites are lined in cotton around the vaginal area which allows regular use to be healthier.

Cotton panties (the natural “just rolled out of bed without make-up” beauty) don’t have to be granny panties; you can get sexy laced trim ones just about anywhere that panties are sold! I got mine at Victoria’s Secret at 5 for $25 and the ones in the PINK section where actually sexier (what’s wrong with this picture, that is the teeny bopper section, smh).

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Top pair: all lace with cotton lining, Victoria's Secret PINK
Bottom Pair: All cotton with lace trim, Victoria's Secret PINK 
Victoria's Secret Cotton Panty from the PINK collection
Victora's Secret Cotton Panty by PINK
Sorry, has rotated my pic! This glittery pair with ruching is from the Signature Cotton Collection

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