Friday, August 31, 2012

Yeni's Creations: Catering to all Jewelry Addicts...or Making You One!

 Hey ladies (and gents, because I'm sure you can always use new ideas on beautiful and unique gifts for the ladies in your life right? grandma, mama,auntie, wifey, sister...). I want to take a moment to share with you all Yeni's Creations. I love jewelry so much, statement pieces in particular, and especially if they are vintage or handmade. I love Yeni's creations and how whether it's a simple piece or an extravagant piece, it's still a statement piece. Those who know me know very well that I can live in lounge wear or sweats as long as I have a nice piece of jewelry to polish it up; normally earrings or an interesting bracelet. It just adds a dash of class and elegance. Yeni's designs are rich with color, versatile, stylish and unique; I absolutely love her style! Here are pictures of some of my favorite pieces by Yeni from her fan page and her recent participation in Baltimore Fashion Show week!

Yeni's Creations

I love the natural color of these Agate beads. You can top this on a simple neutral maxi/lounge dress (or any color for that matter) or dressed up. Very versatile.

Yeni's Creations

Two of my favorite colors! More commonly associated with summer wardrobe fashion, turquoise and corals have been making their way straight through the fall for quite some time now, as if you didn't know, right? ;)

The possibilities are endless with a necklace like this. Again, just as with the set above, this line truly delivers jewelry that is excellent for dressing up as well as spicing up your dress down days.

This reminds me of the Titanic necklace with an earthy twist. I love the vibrant Autumn leaf colors in this one!

Yeni's Creations

Pearls, wood and shells; perfect necklace for a summer night beach party, strolling around town during the day and for taking a token piece of summer with you during the Autumn season!
More beautiful sets...

Perfect example of a piece of jewelry being more on the simple side, but far from boring!

Some favorite's from Yeni's Creations Summer Collection. She now also has 4 tier earrings as well! I love the blue stones of the bracelet.

And now we step into Baltimore Fashion Week! Yeni's Creations collaborates with stylist Devora Wooden of Dig Deep Inc. to create some gorgeous fashion forward looks.
I LOVE it when jewelry is used to create an interesting hair style. It looks so regal and exotic. I used to love doing that with my own hair, but migraines prevent me from putting my hair up much. Hmm, I think weaving a necklace through a braid is do-able and adds an artistic and exotic flair to every day style. Devora has such a great eye and creative mind, her idea has inspired me to do this with my jewelry again. If I can manage the braid, I'll share the pic!

I love leopard and I love red and I love you think I love the look on the left? I do! You can see more detailed pics of the jewelry set here. The pearl set on the right is my absolute favorite. It's so vibrantly loud and beautiful, it would do all the talking for me when I'm feeling shy. I love the top alone, though the necklace really brings the outfit to life; what a great pair! For those less flamboyant on the regular, you couldn't find a better piece for theater, a flapper costume, a theme party, photo shoot...the list continues (in my head).
(Left) I love salmon colored everything, and my nails often show it. It's such a happy and tropical color and it looks good on almost everyone, in my humble opinion. (Right) This design is amazing and looks so beautiful on the model. For every day wear, you could pair it with anything from a collared top to a casual tank top.

The Goddess of Yeni's Creations herself, Yeni Makinde, proudly presenting her gorgeous pieces.

Please visit Yeni's Creations Facebook fan page here to see more beautiful designs from this wonderful woman (she is wonderful, I've met her!).

She can also be reached at:
  • Phone: (646) 450-9364 
  • E-Fax: (248)461-5700
Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Creative Process of an Olga Ayala Wedding Cake Topper...

I'm not the type of girl to fantasize much about my wedding day, particularly because I will change my mind a thousand times before I even find a suitable boyfriend. However, I've known for quite some time who I want to make my cake, and now, I know exactly who will be making my wedding cake topper. That person is Olga Ayala. For years she has been fascinating me with her endless creativity and multi-talents. As a matter of fact, I'm having a difficult time not getting distracted by my new Olga Ayala ring I am wearing as I type this! I must confess, after seeing this wedding cake topper, I have found myself fantasizing about what mine may look like. Though to most, it shouldn't be a surprise that I fantasize about anything food oriented and/or art and fashion related. If I were to marry now, I'm thinking that a white belly dance inspired wedding dress with aurora borealis crystal salsa shoes would be the ideal polymer clay sculpture to represent me (or my alter ego I should say). In my fantasy, it has a red base to match my dream cake design which I saw at a bridal expo that I went to for my baby sister's upcoming wedding.

Here are images of Olga's personalized wedding cake topper that I found on Facebook and the process of creation. I know that all of my salsero and rumbero friends will just love this one! Keep on scrolling to view the creative process of Olga's work with polymer clay and read the rest of this post caption style. I'll meet you again at the end of the photo journey! Keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling...

The beginning stages: You'll be amazed at what these wire and tin foil figures will be made into (forget that you saw the finished project at the top of this post please) ;)

Pictures of the bride to be at different angles, with various facial expressions doing a variety of things...

And to think it all started as a tin foil and wire figurine...(yeah, I have something to say for each photo, I love to "talk")

I love the details on the hem of the dress; a true bomba y plena wedding gown!

Without the veil, with the veil. Looks like she's about ready to dance down the aisle!

Getting the groom ready for his dancing bride...

and what's a dancing bride without music to dance to, provided by non other than the love of her life? Here you can see that Olga views the photos, not just to form the sculptures to the bride and grooms likeness, but also to capture their lifestyle and the things they enjoy doing.

So amazed! I love the detail on the instrument!

All done! Image 1

Image 2

With the hand of the artist.

A personalized wedding cake topper, made by the hands of a talented artisan is without a doubt a must for me now. It's also multifunctional piece of art; it will now undoubtedly be their favorite piece of home decor, reminding them of their special day and the love they share each and every time they look at it :)

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper by Olga Ayala=Best.Wedding.Cake.Topper.Idea.EVER!
You can tell by these photos that it takes a lot of work and talent to create this wonderful masterpiece. Olga never fails to impress me; I love her style and creative mind! Read below for all of her contact info. Thanks for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Meet Olga Ayala, The Creme de la Creme of Artisans

Over the course of the week, and without a doubt throughout the course of our friendship, you will be hearing or reading about Olga Ayala from me. Whether through my blogs, my pictures, conversation, or conversational pieces (wearing her jewelry or neck warmers never fails at being a great ice breaker), I will be chit chatting about Olga and her work in combination of proudly wearing it. I may even be able to publish one of the two posts I have in drafts about her tonight, before the anticipated Queen Irene temporarily strips us of our electricity as predicted. Therefore, I'd like to publish this little post introducing you to this dear and talented woman. Please take a moment and read a little bit about her. Hopefully one day in the near future we will have an interview to share with you all!

Olga pictured above with her artwork

In the words of Olga Ayala: 

I'm a Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker) that grew up in the heart of Spanish Harlem in New York City, and I'm an alumnus of The High School of Art & Design in New York City.

While sitting on my mother’s lap as a very young girl while my mom made out the weekly grocery list, I saw her make a quick sketch of Mickey Mouse. I saw that my mom could draw better than anyone I knew and I begged her to teach me to draw too!

My father moonlighted as a Timbalero (Latin percussionist), and this gave me the life long passion I have for music, dance and Latin percussion instruments.

Growing up in the "rhythm section" and being immersed in my rich Puerto Rican culture filled with music, vibrant color, laughter and drama are themes that are often reflected in my work

Olga creates an array of functional artistic pieces out of polymer clay. She also crochets beautiful scarves, purses and head pieces, each with a unique polymer clay accessory incorporated; Olga's signature finishing touch. From sculptures, to jewelry, to home decor, Olga creates unforgettable pieces of art that can be incorporated and enjoyed in our every day life in multiple ways. 

You can find Olga Ayala and keep up with her events on Facebook at Olga Ayala Handicrafts (Hecho a Mano) and visit her store at Etsy here to find more functional art in polymer.

Here are photos of Olga Ayala artwork that I own!

Olga Ayala Neck Warmer with a hand made polymer clay button closure finished in metallic paints. Photo taken by Paul Newland.

Crocheted Cowl Neck Warmer/Hood made by Olga Ayala. The bracelet I am wearing is also made by Olga, I used it for a photo shoot I was styling. You can find the above bracelet here. Photo by Eric Mayr

Pictured above is my first Olga Ayala purchase ever, my beautiful heart charm bracelet. I bought this for myself for Valentines Day :) Above the bracelet is a pair of earrings I had my eyes on for quite some time as well as the ring that says "love". I just wore all of them together yesterday and received so many compliments! The colors in the ring really pull together the bracelet and earrings, and the ring and bracelet create a more thematical look.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty Beats the Beast: Parokeets Blog Crazy Summer Giveaway

They've been around the world and have collected a chock full of cosmetic goodies from Europe to share with one lucky reader!

Please click here to find out more information and good luck!

Parokeets is an informational blog geared towards beauty products and cosmetics. They find out who, what, where and the quality and they share that information with you! You can find reviews on everything from sunscreen to nail polish on a well organized and easy to navigate site. This is a blog that every girlie girl should be following (or girlie guy) and I'm so glad I found it!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Reaction to the Earthquake Devastation

Photo of North East Coast Earthquake Devastation: When my friend Jon approached me with his phone saying, "Look, Photo of Earthquake Devastation in D.C.", my heart sank as I waited for the photo to load and I felt panic rush over me. When this photo loaded, I almost peed in my pants and died of laughter. What a way to be relieved, everything was okay, no one was hurt. To me, it was a reminder of how lucky we are. A knocked down chair? Yup. That's how lucky we are. Some of us didn't even feel the earthquake. And for those of us who did, eh hem->insert blush here<--, let's just say, I'm quite alright. I hope you enjoy my story.

Since I can't post a note (or at least have not discovered a way how) on this blog's FB fan page, I am forced to post my experience with yesterday's earthquake here in New York on my blog, for everyone under the sun to read.

Did I feel the earth rumble beneath me during yesterday's planet tantrum? Absolutely. Did it occur to me, for even one moment, that it was an earthquake? Absolutely not. First clear indication of how unscathed are we of natural disasters in these parts of the world and a reminder of how incredibly grateful we should be that "so far, so good". I pray it stays that way. Even if my prayers seem unrealistic, boy do I pray it stays that way, so that my reactions can always be what they were yesterday.

Here it goes, my Reaction to the Earthquake:

Lisa in car. Car starts shaking. Lisa starts cursing the world that her car is about to break down. Or maybe it's all the damn construction. Damn, for all the traffic this damn construction causes her ass should have just stayed in the Bronx. Lisa starts cursing construction and traffic. Oh, traffic? Maybe there IS something wrong with the car and it only happens when it's standing still...thank you effin traffic. Light turns green, no one moves. Lisa starts cursing out everyone because they are making her car shake by not effin moving. Next light 10 seconds later is red. Car is shaking. Lisa notices that gas is close to empty. Now, Lisa is cursing her inability to notice when her car is on E and the light, because BOTH are the reason that her car is about to break down. Pull into 7 Eleven, bumps into a friend she hasn't seen in 12 years. Forgets that her car is about to EXPLODE and she's about to be broke and car-less, because now she has an opportunity to talk all about herself in a 2 minute synopsis of the past 12 years of her life. Leaves 7 Eleven. Friend comes to her car window, "Did you feel the earthquake? My friend said that her whole office building was shaking." Lisa responds: "What?!?!? That was an effin' earthquake?!?! Well, that effin' earthquake made me think that my car was about to break down, that  scared the crap out of me!"
So, you know where my priorities are, right? Well, I'm grateful it's as simple as that.

I was running late for work, so I send a text to one of my managers saying, "Sorry, the earthquake has delayed me. At a light nearby." My adorable dose of sass and sarcasm is bound to keep me out of workplace trouble.

Non Comical Reaction to the Earthquake Devastation: My text message wasn't a lie, but comic relief aside, how lucky are we considering all that has been going on in other parts of the world with natural and not so natural disasters (as some "natural" disasters are a result of how we treat the earth). Our earthquake "devastation" is laughable, while elsewhere earthquakes have resulted in tears, death...the loss of everything. Nothing laughable about that. So laugh all you want, literally, because thus far, we are the luckiest people alive and have every reason to be laughing, smiling and appreciating that we have life. May we continue being blessed and keeping the less fortunate in our prayers and positive thoughts and helping others in all ways that we can.

Glad we all survived, keep being grateful!

Thank you for reading and much love to everyone!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Love of Thrift Stores and Giving Back with Coram Thrift

My Abuela, back in 19 I Don't Know What
Since way back, when I was an itty bitty sugarplum (59lbs ago to be exact), I've been deeply in love with thrift store shopping. It was my top favorite "Hey look I'm finally driving and can go where I want, DUECES!" past time, which was incredibly convenient considering shopping was about all I was able to do during the time frame I was allowed out...hey I said go where I want not when I want.  As a child I would explore my grandparents basements and attics getting lost in my fantasy travels back into time. I'd sit around playing with vintage typewriters, packing my things in old suitcases and organizing my grandmother's cosmetics in vintage make-up boxes and bags, all while wearing one of her fabulous wigs, adorned in vintage jewelry and swimming in stylish clothing from her youth, most of which she made. If only I knew then that those red pumps I hoped to one day own would be too damn small for my feet by the time I was old enough to wear them. Why did they make people so tiny back in the day? Sigh. If only they had at least one picture of mini me all decked out to post here, but clearly they weren't thinking of this blog of the future. Smh.

Anyhoo, yes anyhoo, those days are gone, though I still play dress up in my grandmother's closet when I visit, and my tears are dried up from the sacrifice of her antique bedroom set from the 60's that no one could move for me when she left for Florida. I must admit though, as I am writing this I am mourning that little piece of mine and my grandmother's history I thought would always be a part of my life. So, naturally, love of thrift shops would fill the void of the absence of attics and basements to explore in my hometown of Queens Village. In thrift shops you find a myriad of things from antique home goods, vintage clothing and accessories to some fabulous one of a kind treasures that someone else no longer finds need for. I love to fantasize about the life the person who owned it had, what adventures they went on while wearing the clothes, what conversations took place and in what room the furniture was in...I just wish that each item came with a picture of the previous owner enjoying their loved items to further enhance the creations of my imagination. I could just see myself now gazing down into the photo and watching it come to life (I assure you, my neurologist said I'm ok up there in the nogin, thanks). I especially love it when I find something that was handmade, like a clay sculpture with the signature on the bottom. I feel like I am rescuing an abandoned puppy (kinda sorta). Normally I start fantasizing up some tragic story *because who in their right mind would give up something so beautiful that they or their child made!* which usually results in a happy ending where somewhere out there they are comforted that I found it and show it the love and appreciation it deserves (yeah, I know, I'm soooo dramatic~remember, "ok in the nogin").

Handbags Galore at Coram Thrift!
So, all that said, it should be no surprise that when my friend Sevgi Turkish Warrior and I were feeling kind of 'eh' last week, I scooped her up and headed out to Coram Thrift Store to drop off some of my own orphaned goods and check out what they had in stock. I love this shop because it's small and an intimate shopping experience. I love chatting away with the owners and customers ...ya, I know, it's like Beauty Salon gossip in my world (I don't frequent beauty salons, so this is as close as I get). Most of all, I always walk out with some one of a kind items at great prices! This visit was probably the most interesting of all visits. Why? Because I got a bit of background info from the owner Daniel, and as always mega warmth and customer appreciation from his lovely wife Vianey who I see more often. Daniel informed me that half of the earnings of the purchase of selected items are donated to a local soup kitchen. We have a large homeless population out here in this part of the suburbs, not to mention that you can't complain about the items you'd be purchasing to help the less fortunate. There were a lot of really great things, many brand new! Then Daniel was so kind to listen to me while I went on and on and on, blah blah blah, about my studies in art management and non for profit work, my plans on starting the Nifty Thrifty Stylist Closet, my fieldwork for Circle of Art Movement Project/blog and how I wanted to live my passions and incorporate various ways of helping others through it and with it. Bless his poor ears, but I am grateful. And bless his heart more when he told me this in response to my rambling: if I or anyone I knew of, read: anyone in general,  needed space to hold a sale or car wash for charity, he was willing to allow the use of his huge parking lot on the side of his store. I don't love washing cars but I LOVE outdoor sales, and ones for charity...even better. I also can't fail to mention that this is a great way to build a positive community while having charities, not-for-profits and small businesses cross promote one another by working together. If you have a charitable cause and are interested in joining forces with Coram Thrift, you will find their information after the photos at the bottom of this post!

Clockwise from Left to Right: Pic I: Full view of everything old, nothing new! I saved that beautiful white necklace from getting thrown out in a thrift store in Astoria, NY. I put it back together in less than 3 minutes with crazy glue and it's one of my favorite pieces. Not bad for free!; Pic II: Clay Sculptures I made reference to in the blarticle. I fell in love with these years ago, and the mezeta y pilon (mortar and pistol)  is representative of my culture and youth! Pic III: That Vintage Victoria's Secret perfume bottle belonged to my aunt in the 80's, vintage photo is my mother in her dance recital costume and that's a vintage mirrored vanity tray. I love those kinds of trays and I saw several at Coram thrift, larger than the one above, for only around $15. Pic IV: A feel good feeling. "Grace, 1977". That's who made my beloved mezeta y pilon. Thank you Grace, whoever you are, wherever you are! As long as they are in my hands, your creation will be loved and appreciated!

I bought both the necklace and earrings during my last visit at Coram Thrift. The necklace was most definitely hand made in a crafts class or activity. I fell in love with the color and the fact that the ball centerpiece looks just like those glittery bounce balls that I used to get out of a coin machine when supermarkets used to have them. I even love the imperfection; there are 2 different kinds of gold beads on either side of the center ball. My imagination has decided that a child made this beauty. The earrings on the left were the first thing I spotted when I walked into Coram Thrift. Within seconds of entering the store I looked at them and knew I would not be leaving without them. The blue looks like shimmer nail polish which gives it such an amazing effect. The nail polish is only in the picture since that's what I've been wearing with the new earrings.

The left is a treasure from Abuela's Attic! My grandma had some neat stuff lying around her house. I've had this for 13 years and I haven't grown tired of this necklace which once adorned my grandmother's neck. On the right is a unique vintage fish necklace with turquiose and coral beads. I also bought this at Coram Thrift for only $3 or $4...DASS IT!

More vintage treasures from grandma's world! The cuff bracelet actually belonged to my cousin's grandmother. The 3 pairs of earrings once hung pretty on my grandmother's ears.
As promised, the contact info to Coram Thrift. Please contact Daniel if you are interested in joining forces in cross promoting and charitable efforts or if you simply just want to find treasures of your own! Remember, bring me with you! ;)
In closing, thank you to Vianey and Daniel Farrell for another great shopping and social experience. It's so great to see dreams of charitable and personal goals unfold together and be incorporated with life passions and hobbies. I also believe this was my young friend Turkish Warrior's first visit to a thrift shop and she walked out laughing and saying what a great time she had, "feeling down, go to the thrift store!". Just make sure you bring me.

Thanks for reading baby dolls and please check out my friends at Coram Thrift Store! And bring me (in case you already forgot).

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, Kissies!

Lisa xo

P.S. As a funny side note, coincidentally my grandmother called me after I finished the first paragraph of this post. See our conversation here--->Rrrright here<---there you have it, way to go!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beauty Beats the Beast: Fab Chick Nail Lacquer Giveaway

I've just received my Glitz and Glam Summer Bundle , which I blogged about earlier this week, yipeeee! I'm already wearing the Showstopper lip gloss that I've been dying to try and I love it so much!

Anyway, this is not an another review so let me just cut to the chase. Sharing is caring and since I already have After Party, and plenty of glitter therefore should share Glitz and Glam, I am going to give these two polishes to one random friend. After Party is the unique neutral I was raving about and the Glitz and Glam glitter looks so great over it! So here's the three step deal-io on entering the giveaway, the three things you need to do aaaaare:

1. Facebook users: "Like" Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond's Facebook Page here and share it on your page tagging me. Anti-Facebookers: Subscribe to Fab Chick's newsletter here and mention you found out about them from "Fabulous Life of a Senorita" for confirmation. No worries, they neither post or e-mail often. I've yet to see either.

2. Read what Fab Chick is about on my August 3rd post about them and leave a comment at the bottom answering the question asked at the end of the post (conveniently highlighted in bold purple for you baby dolls). Click here to be directed to that post.

3. Since Fab Chick's charitable efforts is one of the things that attracts me to them most, please re-post this blarticle on nail lacquer Butterfly onto your Facebook profile and tag me so I know. Non-Facebook users: share the post via e-mail with your friends and CC' me at $2 of every Butterfly purchase supports the Lupas Foundation of America, so please at least get the word out on this products availability.

The only exclusions are the people who live with me, since you are always stealing polish from my polish jar anyway. Oh, and if you live outside of U.S. or Canada (genuinely sorry!). Anyone and everyone else can enter, and as promised, an entry for any of my current followers that I have recorded counts for 2, as long as you enter.

I'll be wrapping this up Thursday, August 25th at Midnight, East Coast time (always thinking of my Night Owls). If you are the winner and prefer your name not be announced, just Post Script that in your comment (I understand, I'm bashful with those things too!)

If you have any questions (eh hem, my non internet social savvy friends), please feel free to contact me at or call me at #anyonewhoshouldhavemynumberhasit. Good luck cutie pies and thank you for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, Muah!


Lisa xo

Beauty Beats the Beast, Numero V: The Many Ways to Enjoy the After Party like a Fab Chick

I recently typed about one of my favorite neutral colors, After Party, from Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond. Since I will be giving this color away later this week (an extra one, slow.your.roll. I'm keeping mine) I figured now would be a good time as any to show you the different ways I've been using this non-color color, as promised in a previous post. After Party is a whitish/gray color that looks great alone or as a base. I don't have the best hands for modeling, or the best camera for photos, so now that my disclaimer is out there I'll say, enjoy the ideas and it looks much better in person!

After Party from Fab Chick by Harlem Diamonds

"Electric Graffiti" crackle polish by Icing over Fab Chick's After Party. I had a hard time finding a base for this neon pink crackle polish, After Party is perfect with it, says the girl with 47 nail polish colors.

"Broken Glass" crackle polish by Icing over "After Party" by Fab Chick

"Shatter" crackle polish by Icing over "After Party" by Fab Chick. I like it. It looks like a cow...not really, but kinds sorta.

"Kaleidoscope" glitter polish by Wet n' Wild over, you guessed it, "After Party" from Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond (Ha, ha! Betcha didn't see that last part coming!)

"Shatter" by Icing over "Kaleidoscope" by Wet n' Wild, insert breath over "After Party" by Fab Chick. The Glittery Cow, lol.

I will be posting the details of the giveaway by midnight tonight. The giveaway will be for Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond After Party and Glitz and Glam glitter.  So if you love look #1 and look #5, stay tuned because I'm so excited to be offering it to one of you!

Thanks for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Beats the Beast, Numero IV: Aqua-ish Nails!

"For Audrey" by China Glaze adorns my fingertips
Ever since I bought my clients at work Gianna's Rockin' Blue by Brucci at Rite Aid for St. Patty's day this year, I've had a thing with green (the above mentioned is an awesome blue-ish green). Since that purchase I've also added Caribbean Turquoise by Quirius to my vast collection of polishes. As it so often happens, it's almost the same color as Gianna's Rockin' Blue. Lovely, but I've been looking for green/blue closer to aqua; like a Tiffany's bag, ooh la la.

Color Splashing the photo didn't make it as cool as I'd imagined
Well, the other day I saw my sister walking out the door with the color that's pictured above on my nails and I fell in love! I stopped her in her tracks and asked her where she got the polish. It's called "For Audrey" and is by China Glaze. It can be all yours for $4.99 on the Sally Beauty Stores website, <---there you can also find a store locator to see if you can pick it up at a location near you.

What I loved about this polish and color other than how pretty it is, is how well it stayed on. Anything that lasts a shift at my job passes my nail polish test. My sister has had the same "staying power" experience with the polish color, however, she has a few other shades by China Glaze which she said for some reason don't have the same great long lasting results. Hmm, something for me to look into further when I am in "Senorita Scientist Cosmetic Biochemist Mode". I hate that I can't get my keyboard to make a tilda on the "n" in Senorita,  grrrr.

*China Glaze Nail Lacquer's are made with hardeners which help promotes healthy nail growth and is Tolulene and DBP Free. China Glaze Nail Lacquer' details:

  • Professional 220-strand brush for easy application

  • Long-wearing nail lacquer is an oil base

  • Flexible and will not chip

  • Greatest fashion shades

  • Non-Thickening formula

  • Great coverage

*Source of above information: Sally Beauty Website 

 Speaking of a Tiffany's bag, it seems the bag may have been the inspiration for this color.
"For Audrey"--->Breakfast at Tiffany's--->Audrey Hepburn--->DUH.
I found this blog post while searching for better images of this polish since I wouldn't hire my teeny tiny nail beds to sell it to you! Check it out here--->BETTER NAIL MODEL<---to see a post with pics that do this polish justice. The Tiffany bag made an appearance on that post too! :p

Here's that much better hand model!

I hope you all love this color as much as I do and thanks for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo