Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help others by Treating Yourself with "Butterfly" Nail Laquer

It doesn't take getting something in return in order for me to give, and I'll add that it shouldn't for anyone, however, I especially love it when a product I purchase gives back. Sometimes, I even buy things I don't need because they are being sold for charity and just save them as gifts for people I know would enjoy them.

A few weeks ago while writing a blarticle on Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond, I came across nail laquer "Butterfly" and discovered that with every purchase of the $8 polish, $2 will go to Lupas Foundation of America. I already loved this indie cosmetic line that sells nail polishes, lip gloss and lip stick with consumer's health in mind, but discovering the generous and charitable heart of founder Grace Williams made me love it even more.

You can support Lupas Foundation of America and a phenomanal small business with your purchase of Butterfly here. To learn more about Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond and their products, please click here. You'll be led to their site of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene free polishes and Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract enriched lip products free of parabens.

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