Friday, August 3, 2012

Beauty Beats the Beast, Numero III: Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond Cosmetics

I’m a beauty product junkie by birth. It’s genetic, the gene comes from both sides of the family (inherited from my aunt on my father’s side, my grandmother on my mother’s side. See, there you have it). While my stock of mainstream product lines is plentiful, there is nothing I love more than trying out products from new cosmetic companies and I am really excited about Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond

Their mantra is, "Be Fabulous, Amazing and Beautiful while maintaining a health friendly balance in our beauty routine."

Now if a mantra like that doesn’t get you wanting to find out more about a product line, then I don’t know what will! For me it was that and the similarity in our usernames (I’m Fab Chitating and they are Fab Chick!)  Fab Chick is an eco-friendly line that carries two nail polish collections, a lipstick collection and a lip gloss collection. Simple, fun, fabulous and beautiful.  

Fab Chick offers a 3 Free Nail Laquer line which consists of nine beautiful colors and a glossy top coat. And what, you ask, is it free of? It is free of 3 things that we really don’t want anywhere on and definitely not in, our bodies:

  1. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

  2. Formaldehyde

  3. Toluene 

Here are some learned facts from Fab Chick’s website on these 3 lil puppies:
    ·         DBP is a “potential developmental and reproductive toxin that may cause birth defects and is banned in Europe”
    ·         Formaldehyde is a “chemical that is proven to cause cancer”
    ·         Toluene is a “chemical that the EPA restricts from our drinking water and it can cause damage to liver and kidneys”

    There are two fabulous nail polish collections available in this cosmetic line. One is a tribute to the one and only Harlem. The Harlem Collection consists of sinfully sultry and sexy colors with Harlem worthy names such as Billie’s Blues, Hue of Hughes, 2 Fifth and In My Own Skin (I just LOVE the names!) The second collection is the Glitz and Glam Collection which also consists of four colors plus a super glossy finish top coat, Glam and Glossy. The colors in this collection are vibrant, fun and sassy; perfect for a night out! Top any of the colors in the line with Glitz and Glam silver glitter for a quick makeover from "working girl" nails to "happy hour girl" nails, or let your nails draw attention to you with a color that pops such as Hot Gurl. You can go ahead and be a go getter with Go Get ‘Em Girl, a delicious shade of red, or lay lounge low (but never unnoticed!) with After Party, a unique neutral shade!

    Above: Fab Chicks Butterfly polish, in support of Lupas Foundation of America
    Before I get into these two hot collections, I have to mention that outside of these collections is one shade that stands tall and proud on it's own and is the most important of the crew. Why? Because it's made to raise money for charity. The 11th color in the line, every $2 out of the $8 nail polish sale of Butterfly goes straight to the Lupas Foundation of America and includes an LFA Bracelet. The color is described as a deep eggplant purple. Please click here to purchase. Involvement for charity is so important to me. Ask my Macy's credit card! Back in the day, Estee Lauder got me every time with their Breast Cancer Awareness collections when I went to try and pay off my card. Needless to say, it took a loooong time to pay that card off! That being said, I am incredibly impressed that a new and small business has created a product in honor of a cause so early on, and such a generous one at that. See, there are so many reasons why you should shop Fab Chick, as there are so many reasons why Fab Chic is Fab! 

    Above: Hue of Hughes after my above mentioned work shift.
    Of the Harlem Collection, I had the opportunity to try on Hue of Hughes. This color is a beautiful, deep, sultry wine color; it reminds me of merlot. I wore it to work to test its staying power, and I work at a place where I’m lucky if polish lasts more than my first hour of clocking in. Impressively, not one chipped nail by the end of my shift. 

    Click pic to buy Hue of Hughes

    < My friend Maria is now the proud owner of Hue of Hughes since I don't often wear dark wine colors on my teeny tiny nails unless I have a tan. She was so excited! I knew she would love it, wear the color more often than me, and therefore be a great public hand model for the Hue of Hughes!

    Click Pic to get After Party
    Of the Glitz and Glam line, I tried After Party. There are endless possibilities with this color (I will surely have a post with at least 2 different looks in the near future). Not only does this color look great on alone, it’s a great base for designs (hence, endless possibilities). I own at least 20 different nail polish colors and not one complimented my hot pink crackle polish until I tried it with After Party. Purrrfect-fit. I received so many compliments on the color both alone and with design. It literally goes with everything! I should also mention that I wore this color on my toes to work out, followed by the beach, and it survived the sand and waves!

    Last but not least, the Kissable Lips Collection  offers six lip glosses and five lipsticks. The line is paraben free, infused with green tea extract and vitamin E which means you will be getting smooth, kissable and non sticky lips!

    I unfortunately have not tried the lip collection (yet) but these colors are AH-MAY-ZING! So much so, that two of the lip glosses are sold out! I’m definitely going to get my hands on some of these shades too, I’m thinking Bella for lipstick (my “adopted” big sis’s nickname for me) and Showstopper for lip gloss (reminiscent of my days doing the show girl thing when I lived near NYC). What are your favorite color picks? Click here to see the kissable collection up close and personal, pass your cursor over the pictures, click away, and share with me your opinion. Let’s internet confabulate ladies!

    If you click on any of the light purple text within the post, you will be redirected to a link on the topic or the item on Harlem Diamond's website. Thank you so much for reading and keep an eye out for more on Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond on my blog coming soon! Til next time baby dolls!

    Besos, Beijos, Filakia,

    Lisa xo
    Twitter: Fab_Chitating