Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adventures with a Wanna-Be (Gonna Be!) Personal Trainer: Numero Uno

I still remember how laughable my first fitness encounter with fitness addict Carolyn, aka #wannabepersonaltrainer, Olsen-Wunsch was. My friend Sevgi (Aliases: Turkish Warrior/Betsy Sophia/Gigi) decided to relax on the beach for a few hours before our next work shift. Enter #wannabepersonaltrainer, who lies out her beach towel, settles in and begins to do crunches. She wasn't kidding when she said we'd probably bump into her on the beach. Working out after her work out. In the blistering heat. That's dedication right there.

At one point during our beach party, Carolyn demonstrated a new crunch for me and I figured, that doesn't look too difficult. In the sun, in the heat and in the sand, oh no. Not uncomfortable at all. She made it look easy. Our conversation went lil' something like this:

Carolyn: Make sure your hands are under your hips, make sure you breathe, tighten up your abs and lift from the hip and slowly drop your legs without hitting the ground

*Lisa successfully demonstrates her ability to do so. Once. Lisa begins to show off just one more. Stops halfway and turns to #wannabepersonaltrainer and says...*

Lisa: Wanna go get some ice cream? *turns to man who is wandering a short distance away and is clearly the owner of the ice cream truck* Are you going back to your truck now?

Yup, yup. I am quite the challenge. While I have endured long periods of work out dedication, I have spent an equal amount of time not getting the proper amount of physical fitness in my life. This time around being the longest; 8 months. Not dealing with certain life changes well have totally put me off track and I definitely need some outside motivation. Someone whose love for fitness is stronger than MY love for food. That is a very rare breed, because no matter if fitness is someones entire life, I still probably love food more than they love fitness. Lucky for me I get full quickly.

Either way, I still have danced mostly all of my life and therefore have engaged in physical activity regularly up until now. My mind has been so swamped lately that I really need more motivation than I have had in the past to make time in my schedule for the things that keep me physically active. My lifestyle is so different now than it was before. As of recent, I work with Carolyn, and her energy and presence have provided a more constant reminder of how great it feels to be active. At work she encourages more physical fitness activities with our clients which has even inspired me to get busy and creative in the kitchen finding ways to make the meals on the set menu healthier in the least. Some of our clients have even joined me in creating simple recipes that fit into the menu that they are given, helping me to make something better, tastier and healthier with the tools we are provided! I love it when I have kitchen duty even more now!
I've been inspired to make assigned menu items healthier by adding fruits to them that our clients normally refuse. Above left  is chicken salad with apples, celery and turkey bacon added. Above right I altered the coffee drinkers beverage by filling less than a quarter cup of coffee, added skim milk, a dash of sugar free hot chocolate and strawberries on the side. They loved it.
A few weeks ago I visited Carolyn for our first work-out-hang-out together. In the past, I've always incorporated dance into my work outs mixed with toning exercises, so this was relatively new to me. No dancing, just working out like in the gym. First I told Carolyn what my goals were. The main thing is, I didn't really want to lose much weight. I was afraid of over doing it as I have in the past and getting thinner than I'd like to be. I wanted to get my stomach in better shape, build some strength and have a bootie so high that it can high five the sky (a girl can dream). Second, we discussed my health issues, ailments and any difficulties I've had with working out in the past.

This I what I think of when I remember that 4 floor walk up.
Then we started the workout. I really wanted to be a trooper and do it all, but I was never over pushed to do something that I felt I couldn't handle. I did a lot more than I expected and it was fun! We did a bunch of squat variations, crunches, some light weight lifting, balancing exercises and, get this...BOXING! Watch out for me fighters! I even tried negative push ups (the girl who can't do any kind of push up) We kept it just under an hour for this first session/hang-out, and I felt so great and energized afterwards. So great, that who would have thought that I was so out of shape that I wouldn't be able to walk the next morning?! I spoke a little about this is my post My Journey to Greater Wellness This Year. Thank God I no longer live in a 4 floor walk up in the Bronx anymore :/
Clearance Rack ^

 After the work out we decided to head out to the ocean close by. First we stopped by Religion Surf and Skate in Shirley. Believe it or not, it was my first time in a surf shop EVER! Carolyn went there to get a skim board and also snagged a t-shirt from the $5 clearance box outside. I had a lot of fun chatting with the dude and dudette that work there, and Carolyn, eh hem, #wannabepersonaltrainer, and I showed no shame in imposing our Twitter beliefs on them. Overall, great first-time-in-a-surf-shop experience! Hey Religion Surf and Skate Gods keep our Twitter selling points in mind (we'll be loyal followers!) and PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE get more of those "I Love To Pee In My Wetsuit" stickers in stock ;) I can't wait to return to Religion Surf and Skate on my next beach day!

The people at Religion Surf and Skate were awesome, funny and so friendly!
Next, we had to make sure our Yum Shaker's were satisfied. There are
like a gazillion 7 Elevens out here so we stopped at one to get ice and water and eats for the beach. Which leads me to my next topic of appreciation. Carolyn DID NOT TELL ME WHAT FOOD TO BUY. She gave me a chance to make a choice for myself. I understand that looking at a client's diet is necessary, but I never asked her to help me with my diet, so she did not impose. Talk about a woman who knows how to deal with a stubborn girl! No one can change me overnight, I don't do most things well by doing it cold turkey and I like being given the opportunity to make the right decisions on my own. Not to mention, there are a load of different diet lifestyles circulating, not all are suitable for every person. I love food, the only lifestyle I want to achieve is a moderate one and one that fits my health goals and needs. Which shouldn't be too difficult. I love veggies when seasoned well and served with meat, but I don't want to or feel the need to say bye-bye to other foods forever. I need to work out with someone who doesn't make me feel bad about that. So, are you wondering what I purchased to eat on the beach? Rhetorical question because I'm going to tell you anyway! I bought a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, strawberries and blue berries, apples with cheddar cheese and water. Not too bad for 7 Eleven and definitely among the healthiest options there. And it lasted me two meals. I think #wannabepersonaltrainer was relieved I didn't go straight to the Entemann's and candy aisle (I am seriously notorious for my love of chocolate and am exploring healthier dessert options. I'm in love with this new blog, Danielle the Dietitian, which offers and shares some great healthy eating advice and delicious looking recipes such as these Paleo Brownies). I honestly do enjoy better/healthier foods, but I am not willing to give anything up indefinitely (chocolate, cheese, bread, pasta, never fear, I'm still here...just not as often). I appreciate that #wannabepersonaltrainer focuses on what I want to and am willing to change right now while still encouraging me, not forcing me to eat better on a regular basis.

On our walk toward the beach we saw a beautiful deer running across the campgrounds toward the dunes. There she met her little ones and began nursing them. I was able to grab my camera out in just enough time to take a few snapshots and a video. I have never witnessed this before and it was surreal! And funny at the same time with Carolyn's narration (partially caught on video. She asked,"That is a female, they're nursing I hope?". Lol)

That, ^^^, is where I busted my bootie.
Finally, we made it to the beach. I LOVE the beach. The sound of the waves crashing, the sound of the seagulls, the aroma and the feel of the sand in between my toes (and only there). Emphasis on the word sound. I'm not much of a wave runner (perhaps yet) so I left all the skim boarding fun to Blondie #wbpt, while I opted to bust my butt sliding down a sand hill, take pics and videos, an go partially in the water. Running away from the big waves. Hmm, can that qualify me as a wave runner (figuratively speaking of course)?

And this, ^^^, is where she busted hers.
  Last but not least, no beach trip is complete without being able to create your own clothing line on the back of your vehicle for your clothes to dry. Lucky for #wannabepersonal trainer, she has a vehicle like Big Red over here to make that convenient!

I'm still trying to talk her into at least a blog, so one day you may click here). Bare with me while I work on getting this crazy, fun, & fit lady to share her world with us!
To bring some of the pictures to life,you can check out snippets below of the deer nursing, the sounds of the waves crashing and Carolyn busting her butt skim boarding at the very end.

Til next time my loves!


Lisa xo
Twitter: @Fab_Chitating

P.S.  Just one last pic (and a mini rant) before I go.
I met Mr. Propane for America on the Long Island Expressway on my way to my workout and boy did he almost bring on that fiery temper hiding out deep inside of me. This is the closest as I will get to a Shame on You submission right now: Dude had to be driving at least 90 miles per hour because I was driving somewhere close to 80 and he sped by me so quickly he made my head spin. Yup, ratting myself out so I can properly rat someone MUCH worse out :p