Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty Beats the Beast Numero II: Mario Badescu is so Supercalifragilistic it gets me Aladocious!

In celebration of me finally getting my laptop fixed (yaaaay! two months later...) and Mario Badescu requesting their fans submit pictures of their beloved MB products on facebook, I figured why not make Mario Badescu the topic of my first blog after an almost two month hiatus from writing (okaaay, "chitating"!)?

Three short/long (however you'd like to look at it!) years ago I had a MASSIVE breakout like none other before. It was so bad that my father was willing to pay out of his pocket for me to see a specialist. In the midst of a ginormous move from Yonkers to the Bronx (roll your eyes all you want, four floor walk up-nuff'said), I had many sleepless nights due to the pain I experienced when my face hit the pillow. Nope, sleeping on my back did not work because I'd move during my sleep which caused me to wake up from the pain, and every cream, cleanser and acne treatment I used either didn't work or made the pain worse! On the last night of my move I stayed with my aunt in Yonkers and ransacked her medicine cabinet looking for a moisturizer to soothe the pain and relieve the dryness. As I hoped, the "Queen of Everything Beauty and Fashion" delivered when I put my desperate paws on a jar of Mario Badescu's Seaweed Night Cream. When I read that it was great for acne prone skin I applied it and the rest is history. I slept like a baby that night because the cream IMMEDIATELY soothed my skin, like magic, AND I woke up with dewy fresh skin that glowed...with an army of pimples that still needed to be battled (womp, womp...woooomp). I wanted more of Mario Badescu, so I immediately searched for their website and began researching their products. I saw that a representative was going to be at Lavish Beauty in Westhampton Beach, NY soon after my MB discovery and made an appointment quicker than you can read this sentence. Since I am impatient, I ordered the buffering and drying lotions online and stole (okay, asked for) some of my aunt's cleanser and night cream to hold me over until I met with Mario Badescu's specialist.

Soon after, I met with Dana Danza of Mario Badescu at Lavish Beauty Boutique in Westhampton Beach, NY and she is the lovely lady responsible for putting together the skin regimen that helped my skin get it's groove back! You can find all the details of her advice here at Mario Badescu's website<--click there. Yep, my skin was so bad I had to record its progress and then give credit where credit was due, so I wrote a letter to the MB Gods telling them about how grateful I and my skin were and how much I loved them, Dana Danza and Lavish Beauty for helping me out. They then asked permission to use my success story on their site (why, of course you may!) and they treated me to one of their amazing facials (best I ever had, don't go another facial without letting them get down to business with your skin!). Needless to say, three years later I am still acne free and my scars are almost non-existent!

Some other benefits to being a Mario Badescu groupie are:
  • Their products are very reasonably priced and last a loooooooooong time (longer than that long)
  • You get three free samples with every internet order
  • Most always there is free shipping with purchases $50 or more (so stock up my loves!)
  • Mario Badescu runs free gift with purchase promos now and then and their free gifts are very generous so sign up for their e-mails asap!
I cannot stress enough how much I love Mario Badescu, it's the longest relationship I've had with, well, anything! So much that I am posting my pictures of my deep dark acne period all over again for all to see, look below to experience the photo journey of my skin from bad to glad! And just as an FYI, these products are not just a girl's night out to the beauty bar for a Skintini, they are for the boys too!

Next pay day I am going after Mario Badescu's Summer Shine Body Lotion, perhaps the only thing most fellas may not be sporting! At the end of my photo log I will post links to what other Bloggesses have said about it!


Your Chitating friend xo

Start Pics (The Day I brought Mario Badescu Products home from Lavish Beauty, Westhampton, NY)

Look at all those bumps!

Into week two, this is how my skin looked after one week of using the prescribed Mario Badescu Regimen

Week Three with Mario Badescu in my life

Week Four~No pimples, only scars

Week five: First few pics sans the make-up, the last few with Mario Badescu Drying Cream under Bare Minerals powder foundation.

With Mario Badescu Drying Cream and Mineral Powder Cover up=Picture Perfect Skin!

Mario Badescu Drying Cream and Bare Minerals Powder cover up camouflaged my pimples throughout the entire process

Started using Mario Badescu at the end of July, this is me at the beginning of October that same year, basically two months later!!
Me, feeling very pretty and confident again at my cousin's Bachelorette Party at Lucky Cheng's, NYC, Thanks Mario Badescu!

iPhone quality photo above and below, but you get the idea, my skin is pimple and almost scar free and super soft (ya get the idea, not the feel, so pick up some MB so you can feel for yourself! :p)

Mario Badescu's Summer Shine Body Lotion Reviews