Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Glitter Madness for Eyes, Lips and Nails...

Photo from Glitter Bug Cosmetics. Check them out!

...or if you are me, you probably find excuses to do it year round. My love for glitz and glam started in my childhood and in high school you'd often find me carrying a black patent leather tote sprinkled in a rainbow of glitter colors. Inside, you would find a furry leopard print date book and a pink feather pen with an iridescent glitter print (among other Lisa-ish things). I remember showing up at my aunts house one day with all of my accessories, getting a raised eyebrow, followed by a warm smile with the statement, "You are SO Latina". Boy did I feel proud. I totally owned my love for glitz, glam, feathers, being Latina and, well, pink. Years later, I can confidently say, not much has changed!

This months Latina Magazine features a beautiful make-up spread titled "Glitter Goddess", with an array of sparkly styles that I am no stranger to! With Latina Mag, I'm either learning muy mucho or relating; in this case it's the latter. Starting back in July, I have taken photos of my glitter nails, eyes and lips to share on a blog post and coming across this article put a smile on my face. The "I did that" smile on my face. Though I can't credit Latina Magazine for the glitter inspiration I can credit my favorite magazine for finally writing this post (they always have my back!)

Check out my pics and read more inside!

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