Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beauty Beats the Beast Numero I: If you don’t like black, then YOU DON’T KNOW JACQUES! O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

I love the way this color looks against white!

Have you ever admired how black nail polish looked on other people to only think “eh” once you had your own fingers adorned in the trendy color? I don’t know what it is, but once it’s on my own fingers I am taking it off within the first 24 hours.

I’ve tried dark purples, blues and burgundies to pull off the dark colored look, though none have satisfied my desire to pull off this look in a way that suits me. Then one glooooooooooorious day while going through my aunt’s medicine cabinet I discovered YOU DON’T KNOW JACQUES! the other black nail color ;p This color has been around for some time and is part of OPI’s Paris collection and comes in Suede finish as well. Though described as a “dark gray”, to my 20/20 vision eyes (eh hem, lies, lies) it’s more like a taupe meets brown, meets black, meets gray, meets some shade of purple type of color. While the online pictures of the color do look like a dark gray in the bottle and on others nails, live and on me (and in my bottle) it looks like my own personal description above. And don’t blame it on my lack of 20/20 vision, with glasses on it’s a perfect 20/20 ;)

Any hoo, with the discovery of YOU DON’T KNOW JACQUES! I now have my preferred alternative to the black nail polish trend in my possession!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia,

Lisa xo

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sexy in Cotton, The Natural Beauty (Health Benefits of Cotton Panties)

Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 Cotton Panties

I know many ladies like to stick to the sexiest, silkiest, satiny-est and laciest panties we can find (I know, I have a whoooole draw dedicated to those!) but we shouldn’t fail to remember the health benefits of wearing cotton panties. While those “sexy” materials are absolutely fine and safe to wear, they don’t allow our intimate area to breath as well as cotton panties do.  The predecessor is great for those days that you need an extra boost of sexy, but the latter is a must to maintain proper vaginal health and what you should be wearing especially when engaging in physical activity. I wear cotton panties regularly to my dance classes, workouts and to sleep.

Cotton material panties prevent excess moisture from forming, alleviate itching, stop odors and prevent yeast infections which are sometimes a consequence of the cotton panty’s glammed up amigas Lace, Silk and Satin. Luckily, lingerie designers are catching on and more and more lingerie favorites are lined in cotton around the vaginal area which allows regular use to be healthier.

Cotton panties (the natural “just rolled out of bed without make-up” beauty) don’t have to be granny panties; you can get sexy laced trim ones just about anywhere that panties are sold! I got mine at Victoria’s Secret at 5 for $25 and the ones in the PINK section where actually sexier (what’s wrong with this picture, that is the teeny bopper section, smh).

For more detailed information, check out the links below:

Should Women Wear Cotton Panties?

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Top pair: all lace with cotton lining, Victoria's Secret PINK
Bottom Pair: All cotton with lace trim, Victoria's Secret PINK 
Victoria's Secret Cotton Panty from the PINK collection
Victora's Secret Cotton Panty by PINK
Sorry, has rotated my pic! This glittery pair with ruching is from the Signature Cotton Collection

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Lisa xo

Oye Campesinos, the Cubavera Hat is here! aka, the Fedora

Photo of Simón Silva's "Campesino 1"
 I know, it's not just for the campesinos and a fedora is not what everyone would imagine on a campesino, but remember this is coming from a glamorized gypsy. I often have this image in my head of a handsome campesino washed up after a long day of work resting against a tree with his fedora hat turned down over his eyes as I rest my head upon his lap in my gypsy/peasant attire (oh, and don't forget the exotic gypsy inspired jewelry, and those who know me KNOW). Alrighty. I am awake now. The point is, whenever I see a posting from on Facebook, I fall right into that little fantasy.

Today, I caught a posting that just released 9 classic and stylish Cubavera (Fedora) hats that make me want to get a handsome Campesino of my own and dress him up in Cubavera fashions! I absolutely love a Fedora hat on a man and even better when worn with a Cuban Guayabera (also known as a Mexican Wedding Shirt). Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture of the hats together for the blog, but make sure you check them out for yourself here!

Aside from the hats, offers a variety of Guayabera shirts at extremely reasonable prices and there is some for the kiddos and ladies too! I have my eye on the Cotton Blend Guayabera Shirt for her and/or the Weekend Camp Shirt for her and you know I will add my own personal touch! It won't be long before I style some of the ladies wear and one of these Cubavera Fedora hats into a photo shoot; summer is the perfect season and it's almost here :) Author of  "Taste of Cuba"  blog crowned as his personal favorite for Guayabera shirts, I bet he'd say the same for their recently released Cubavera Fedora Hats!

Check out Cubavera's clothing line at their website here, and find them on facebook by searching "Cubavera". And don't fall in love with the model ladies ( I know my girls all too well) :p

Thanks for reading, hasta la vista babies!


Lisa xo

Oh why is she blogging?

I know. Like I need another thing to do, right?

Lol ;) For awhile now I have been wanting to start a blog for a variety of reasons; boredom, I miss my friends and former social life when living in the city, boredom, I love to write, have a lot to say, boredom and I miss my friends. For the past year and a half that I have been away from the friends that I have known and trusted for years, I kept digging through my mind to come up with a good blog theme to write about and keep me busy. I focused so much on coming up with a good theme or niche, that I missed out on sharing so many fun things I could have been sharing with my girls (ooooookay, and the boys too). I actually have several blogs saved in my word documents for you, so you may get a flood of posts from me in over two days and then I will be quiet for awhile. You all should be able to handle that, right? By now you should be used to me speaking at 100 miles per hour without stopping to take a breath!

Five of the many wonderfuls referred to in this blog :)

  So here is my anything and everything blog. Quirky (in a fun way), flamboyant, diverse and random. Hmm, that sounds like someone I know all too well :p From this day forward, I will no longer become excited about a product, restaurant, activity or a new place to go try out just to turn around and have no one to chit chat about it with. My friends and acquaintances are just a computer away, so just click on follow and let me know how YOU are doing every once in awhile too! The commentary is open to whoever is following the blog and for those who aren't, comments will be sent to me for approval. Please do leave comments and fill me in on what's good or what more information you may have on a topic so we can all continue to share information from afar! And for those who don't know me, I tend to use nonsense words that I may or may not have made up (i.e "giggleble" as in worthy of a giggle) and yes I do know that they are not in the dictionary. But they are real. Because I made them real and I said so. And you just may find them in the Urban Dictionary (now did you think of that, huh?) :p

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, SMOOCHES!



P.S. If anyone of you darlings have any tips or suggestions on how to organize my blog better aesthetically (i.e. how to put a photo in a certain area on the blog and if I can caption them), please get at your chica with that info~~Graciaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss~~

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