Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yum Shaker Recipe Share I: Healthy-ish Cocktail?

The Amazing Six photo from Vital Juice
My bartendress friend handed me over the sad facts about my favorite margarita: each glass of the antioxidant rich pomegranate margarita, made with POM, is approximately 800 calories. If I indulged in my hero of margaritas regularly, I'd be in serious trouble, and I am not giving up chocolate for ANYTHING (except a life or death situation, I am somewhat rational after all). Therefore, I need to save calories when it comes to other treats and 800 calories a day is not worth disinfecting my intestines for (joke).

A few weeks ago, Vital Juice posted 5 yummy Skinny Summer Cocktails at just about, get this, 200 calories each! Less than 200 calories! And don't let the name Summer Cocktail sway you away, we still have a good month left and these sound delish enough to try any time of year!

My drink to try, Freckled Kiwi, photo from Vital Juice
The recipes, provided by the mixologist Gods and Goddesses of Trestle on Tenth in NYC, will certainly satisfy the palette of lovers of  cucumber with Pimms' Cup, kiwi with Freckled Kiwi , celery with Stalking the Celery, rhubarb with Rhubarb Wrangle,  and carrots and ginger with 20/20 Cocktail (imagine telling your opthamologist at your next eye exam that it's all thanks to a cocktail! ). Just click on the names to be led to the recipe and become a bartending sensation at your next gathering ;) I'm a rum girl, and coincidentally a newbie lover to kiwi, so I'm especially looking forward to making the Freckled Kiwi!

The recipes in this post are thanks to Trestle on Tenth and the generous sharing heart of Vital Juice. Trestle on Tenth is a fabulous and affordable Swiss brasserie across from the beautiful Highline Park in NYC, with some pretty darn good reviews! If you are fortunate enough to live within a reasonable travel distance, stop by for some yummies, have the above from the Drinkable Garden menu made for you, and then walk it off in the picturesque Highline Park. If not, we can be ever so grateful to them and Vital Juice for sharing recipes with those in the land of far far away! Vital Juice is one of my favorite sites to follow, seems they have something for everyone, so check them out and sign up here if you are interested in receiving fun daily emails on beauty, wellness, fitness and nutrition.To my amigos reading this, I'm organizing a lil' trip to Trestle on Tenth soon, who's joining

Hope you enjoyed this share and thank you for checking it out! Til next time, and don't forget to shake your Yum Shaker's in the meanwhile!


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