Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Le Bargainista: Fab Chick's Glitz and Glam Summer Bundle

Hello my friends!

Earlier this month I published a blarticle on Harlem Diamond's Fab Chick natural cosmetic line. Today I discovered that they are offering a phenomonal "HEY IT'S STILL SUMMER!!!" offer with their Glitz and Glam Summer Bundle. The bundle includes the Glitz and Glam Collection from their 3 Free Nail Laquer Line, which consists of 4 colors and a top coat plus Showstopper Lipgloss, all for only $20. A savings of over 50%! You can click here to purchase the Glitz and Glam Summer Bundle. I'm really excited because the 2 nail colors AND lip gloss on my wish list are in this bundle, as mentioned in my post a few weeks ago. So you can, like, click on the word "post" above to read the blarticle. Or you can click on the word "blarticle". Either way, click on one of them because they are a great indie cosmetic line to read about, buy from and wear ;)

Colors also included in this bundle aside from my wish list's Hot Gurl and Go Get 'Em Girl, are my much raved about After Party and Glitz and Glam glitter (which looks amazing over After Party!) and the Glam and Glossy top coat. Polish your nails in one of these beautiful colors and add some of that Showstopper lip gloss to your bare lips or over one of your lipsticks and you'll be set to go! Free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, tolene, parabens and rich with Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract for the lips...that's a great way to be ready, set and beautiful!

Go get 'em girls and thanks for reading! Besos, Beijos, Filakia, Kissies!


Lisa xo

Go Get 'Em Girl from the Glitz and Glam Collection of the 3 Free Nail Laquer Line is part of the Summer Bundle promotion!

Hot Gurl Nail Laquer is also a part of the Summer Bundle and one of the 2 polishes on my summer color wish list. I am so glad that summer isn't over yet!

I love the way Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond packages their products! Above is my first set of polishes from Fab Chick thanks to the honor of being one of the winners in the Face of Divas in the City contest! In my goodie bag I received After Party and Hue of Hughes!