Saturday, August 18, 2012

Le Bargainista: Bargains at Big Lots and other Discount Stores

Pre-economy meltdown, I was still a bargain shopper. I am no Recessionista, because I am, was and always will be a Bargainista.
* I've just been dying to say the word Recessionista, I love it! I discovered the name on a blog I just came across and recommend. I literally returned to this post in edit to add that last sentence! My long lost big sister. I shall follow her.

Being a lover of nice things and quality things, I have always had to figure out where to find the best deals, where I could cut corners and where I should spend extra for better. Through trial and error (and still learning), aiming towards mastering these corner cuts have helped me to manage on a low income, especially when I was living on my own. Now that I'm making even less, it's been a saving grace to know how to shop well. When my friend had found out how much (more appropriately, how little) I was making a few years back, her jaw dropped and she told me I should definitely throw some tips out there. So, here and there I will do just that on this blog and in the near future I will give a breakdown on where I find the best deals on every day items/neccessaties and the particulars. Hopefully it will be helpful! In this post I will show you what I bought on a recent trip to Big Lots. Click here for their store locator to find the one closest to you. Even if there is not one close by enough for a regular visit, at least you'll know where the ones around you are so you can plan a stop if you are passing by!

If you are anything like me, you can never have enough chap stick, I always lose them! I bought this brand I never heard of Lip Vitamins for $1 and well known brand ChapStick in Tropical Shimmer for $1.50. My favorite of the two? Hands down, Lip Vitamins.
This lil puppy right here was my whole reason for the Big Lots visit. Pure & Natural Moisturizing Hand Wash in Cherry Blossom and Almond Oil for only $1.50.  I needed hand soap and I knew that Big Lots got their hands on this brand, Pure and Natural, which I am a big fan of. I discovered their products at Publix in Florida at a ridiculously marked down price and fell in love with their Vanilla Seeds and Mango Butter Body Wash. My wash of choice= discontinued, TRAGIC. Fortunately, my beloved & recommended body wash can be found on Ebay and Amazon while the rest of their products are still available in select stores which you can locate on the Pure and Natural website.

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara in Very Black for only $4. Need I say more? Well, I guess I do, will definitely tell you how I like it once I try it. A funny side note, the cashier raved about this mascara. She loved it so much! However, while giving me her great review of the above mascara she said, "It's better than paying more money for crap like Maybelline". Funnier, I didn't put one and one together until I got home. Hey, in my defense I didn't remember what brand I bought until I got home. At least I had a great late laugh.

I have no damn idea how the Ms. Manicure line ended up in discount and close-out stores, but my wallet didn't complain. I HEART Ms. Manicure products and am in love with the packaging and literature. Above is 4 Basics for On-the-Go Filing and Buffing, $2; 5 Piece Manicure-to-Go Kit, $2; and Tips and Toes 9 Pro Tools for a Mani Pedi, $4.50. I will without a doubt be publishing a post soon with the details on the above, I promise! These are a must have at this bargain price (I am a do-it-yourself girl when it comes to mani/pedi's). Have a bridal shower, bachelorette party or any other girlie event? Awesome party favors ^

Surf in Aloha Splash for $7.50, 80 loads. You can also get Tide for $10 and there are other name brands available as well.

On previous trips I've bought Secret Clinical Deodorant for only $4 (normally around $9.99), Pure and Natural and Oil of Olay Body Washes from $2-$3.50 and Got 2 Be Smooth Operator Smoothing Satin Drops for only $2 (normally $5.95 in other stores), so for the sake of your wallet and other areas of your life, trying stores like these are well worth a shot!

When I lived in the Bronx and Westchester I used to visit similar stores, Amazing Savings in Scarsdale (formerly a Odd Job and then I belive a Big Lots) and Christmas Tree Shops in Greenburgh. Tuesday Morning is another shop I've heard great things about but never got around to visiting.

Well, that's all folks! Thank you for reading and I will get back to you as soon as possible with more stories on Adventures of Le Bargainista ;p

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, Kissies!


Lisa xo