Friday, August 24, 2012

My Reaction to the Earthquake Devastation

Photo of North East Coast Earthquake Devastation: When my friend Jon approached me with his phone saying, "Look, Photo of Earthquake Devastation in D.C.", my heart sank as I waited for the photo to load and I felt panic rush over me. When this photo loaded, I almost peed in my pants and died of laughter. What a way to be relieved, everything was okay, no one was hurt. To me, it was a reminder of how lucky we are. A knocked down chair? Yup. That's how lucky we are. Some of us didn't even feel the earthquake. And for those of us who did, eh hem->insert blush here<--, let's just say, I'm quite alright. I hope you enjoy my story.

Since I can't post a note (or at least have not discovered a way how) on this blog's FB fan page, I am forced to post my experience with yesterday's earthquake here in New York on my blog, for everyone under the sun to read.

Did I feel the earth rumble beneath me during yesterday's planet tantrum? Absolutely. Did it occur to me, for even one moment, that it was an earthquake? Absolutely not. First clear indication of how unscathed are we of natural disasters in these parts of the world and a reminder of how incredibly grateful we should be that "so far, so good". I pray it stays that way. Even if my prayers seem unrealistic, boy do I pray it stays that way, so that my reactions can always be what they were yesterday.

Here it goes, my Reaction to the Earthquake:

Lisa in car. Car starts shaking. Lisa starts cursing the world that her car is about to break down. Or maybe it's all the damn construction. Damn, for all the traffic this damn construction causes her ass should have just stayed in the Bronx. Lisa starts cursing construction and traffic. Oh, traffic? Maybe there IS something wrong with the car and it only happens when it's standing still...thank you effin traffic. Light turns green, no one moves. Lisa starts cursing out everyone because they are making her car shake by not effin moving. Next light 10 seconds later is red. Car is shaking. Lisa notices that gas is close to empty. Now, Lisa is cursing her inability to notice when her car is on E and the light, because BOTH are the reason that her car is about to break down. Pull into 7 Eleven, bumps into a friend she hasn't seen in 12 years. Forgets that her car is about to EXPLODE and she's about to be broke and car-less, because now she has an opportunity to talk all about herself in a 2 minute synopsis of the past 12 years of her life. Leaves 7 Eleven. Friend comes to her car window, "Did you feel the earthquake? My friend said that her whole office building was shaking." Lisa responds: "What?!?!? That was an effin' earthquake?!?! Well, that effin' earthquake made me think that my car was about to break down, that  scared the crap out of me!"
So, you know where my priorities are, right? Well, I'm grateful it's as simple as that.

I was running late for work, so I send a text to one of my managers saying, "Sorry, the earthquake has delayed me. At a light nearby." My adorable dose of sass and sarcasm is bound to keep me out of workplace trouble.

Non Comical Reaction to the Earthquake Devastation: My text message wasn't a lie, but comic relief aside, how lucky are we considering all that has been going on in other parts of the world with natural and not so natural disasters (as some "natural" disasters are a result of how we treat the earth). Our earthquake "devastation" is laughable, while elsewhere earthquakes have resulted in tears, death...the loss of everything. Nothing laughable about that. So laugh all you want, literally, because thus far, we are the luckiest people alive and have every reason to be laughing, smiling and appreciating that we have life. May we continue being blessed and keeping the less fortunate in our prayers and positive thoughts and helping others in all ways that we can.

Glad we all survived, keep being grateful!

Thank you for reading and much love to everyone!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo