Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yum Shaker Numero Dos: Talk to the Hand Dirty Water Dog Stand!

Several weeks ago some of you may have seen my Vital Juice shared post on my personal Facebook page about Rouge Tomate's "Green" cart, the much healthier alternative to the hot dog stand. Or more matter-of-factly put, the healthy as opposed to the not healthy alternative. I was hoping to make it to Central Park to visit the cart myself and try *absolutely everything!* so that I can share with all of my buddies my taste bud's experience. Unfortunately, between school work, work, looking for work and partying like a rock star (ha) I didn't make it during my last trip to NYC. *Insert sad face here* That said, I know many of my friends who are more local will be excited about this addition to the Central Park area and can make it there before me, so I want to share the learned facts about this lil' cart full of health.

Rouge Tomate's Cart In The Park, which was originally due to open on June 15th, finally opened on June 29th and is located on 64th St. and Fifth Avenue in front of The Arsenal. The menu includes:
  • Sandwiches ($6-$10), 
  • Vegetable Based Soups ($5-$8),
  • House-Made Sorbet, Frozen Yogurt and Gelato *my personal favorite* ($4 and includes 2 toppings)
  • Fresh Juices *which I'm a sucker for* (seasonal, $5)
You can find a more detailed version of the menu here, compliments of Vital Juice, though I strongly recommend you follow the cart on Twitter because that's where I found out about their Coconut Lemongrass Sorbet, Valhrona Chocolate Gelato, Tahitian Vanilla Frozen Yogurt and Mint Lemonade, yuuuum! You can also try this link that they kindly tweeted me with of their  Cart In The Park Menu, however it only worked on my phone.

And if that's not enough, according to Grub Street, all ingredients will be primarily local (certain ingredients will come from tri-state farms) and in order to maintain a low impact cart, the Rouge Tomate Cart In The Park features solar panels for electricity, is made from recycled materials and uses biodegradable paper products. The little above mentioned package awards the Rouge Tomate Cart it's Green Restaurant Association Certification, woo hoo! Now I know MANY people who will appreciate all this!

Plans are in the making for me to visit La Carreta de Rouge Tomate (as fancy as I get, I don't know French) to enjoy a 3 course meal. In the meanwhile, I hope that you all make a picnic day or go on a nice date to Central Park to enjoy the summer weather and healthy fresh food at Rouge Tomate's Cart In The Park! Your belly will thank you for it...well, as long as you stay away from all cruciferous veggies, at least just for your date!