Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Coexistance And Living In The Now On My Mind

That's Me Above :p

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you all a blessed holiday! I've spent some time on a holiday message on the Nifty Thrifty Stylist Closet today, so please visit me there and read my post Happy Thanksgiving! What I Would Have Worn If I Were A Pilgrim. Yes, there is a picture of what I would have worn, but there is a deeper message of simply one of the things that I am grateful for and hope and intend  to always be grateful for!

Much Love,

Lisa xo

And as a cute little end note, let peace and love be our religion, regardless of race, culture, religion, sexual get my drift. May be controversial to some, but hey, here we have a depiction of an interracial lesbian couple at a time period where that definitely would have been taboo; more than that even. We've come a long way. Let's pray, hope and continue to choose the path of coexisting in peace and respect, at least within our own personal lives.